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Quick Countertop & Cabinets is becoming one of the top and most innovative companies in the DMV area. We are a team with more than 10 years of experience in the countertop and cabinets market. We are on the mission to offer more than services and products; we are committed to bringing excellence to our clients. Our top priority is not to only make our clients happy and satisfied but to provide an experience from beginning to end, making sure clients feel certain they have made the best choice in choosing us. So, what makes us different? We are equipped with a young team with innovative ideas and beliefs so that we can bring the most innovative technology and trends to our customers. Whether you are a commercial customer looking for a countertop and cabinets company to partner with, or you are a residential customer looking to have your dream project a reality we are here for you!

Quick Countertop has a showroom located in Gaithersburg, MD with a complete Bath & Kitchen Remodeling selection. We are a one-stop-shop. We have the best price guaranteed! And yes, we are really quick!

our team

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    ceo & founder

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    cso & founder

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    marketing coordinator

mission /

An innovative and creative company that makes every effort to deliver your dream project bringing joy, designing and developing new spaces in your favorite place, your home. Each client and project is unique to us! For this reason, we offer the best service and cost benefit.

vision /

To be a company of excellence and reference in customer service, offering the best product and service available, and recognized in the Civil Construction industry, with sustainable growth and committed to the continuous improvement of processes, innovation and relationships.

values /

  • - Excellence and Quality
  • - Innovation
  • - Valuing people
  • - Credibility
  • - Ethic
  • - Transparency