Thinking granite?

Thinking granite?

When it comes to countertops, granite is certainly the most common material.

This is probably because the stone offers the best cost-benefit of the market, in addition to not getting even a little behind in the beauty department.

Granite is an extremely tough rock formed of one or more ores. Its name comes from the Latin word “granum”, which means grains, an allusion to its appearance.

Due to its durability and resistance to natural conditions, such as rain, heat and sunlight, and the persistence of its brightness and color, it was used by the Egyptians in the construction of their colossal monuments;and it has been used on constructions ever-since, mostly on the outside.

It was not long ago since decorators realized that its great durability and refinement could also be indoors-appropriate, even in furniture. Especially in environments with “distressing” conditions, such as a kitchen.

A granite countertop might grant your kitchen a refined air, turning the most clichéd of designs into something else. Besides beauty, there is the practicability issue:granite countertops are easy-cleaning, and work as a natural cooler, keeping a room refreshing. No one wants to cook in a heated kitchen.

Although it is one of the most frequently used materials on countertops, do not think that granite countertops are drab or dated. Being a natural stone, granite offers unique patterns. It’s almost impossible to find two identical models. Therefore, researching is key.

Here at Quick Countertop we offer a huge variety of colors and textures to best fit your project and most importantly: only high-quality materials.

Although granite is synonym of great durability, it’s important to remind its composition may change from stone to stone, so can its resistance.

Our quick countertops are made from carefully chosen stones, to provide you a superior product.

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