The best quartz countertops

The best quartz countertops


Countertops near me are made from quartz and they are increasingly becoming very popular among so many homes in America. They are used for kitchen countertop surfaces because of their sustainability, durability and they are easy to clean. On top of that they come in a variety of colors and patterns, therefore it’s so easy for you to choose the best quartz countertops for your kitchen.

So many people do not only love the way they mimic graphite and natural stone but also the way they make your kitchen classy and how resistant they can be to liquids because of how nonporous they have been made to be.

These countertops near me have a variety of patterns and colors that are so exciting particularly because of post-consumer product recycling, and that is something that you will never find with granite and marble stones.

Some of the best quartz countertops include:


Cambria is a privately traded company which started as a dairy factory in 1936. It entered the quartz countertop industry in 2000, whereby they opened a factory in Minnesota and within very few years it had expanded to triple the original size. It is the only American Quartz company dealing with quartz surfaces and it offers different varieties of quartz. You can get them in different colors, designs, and slab sizes.

Some of the features that make Cambria be one of the best quartz countertops are; they have a natural look, many of the selections go for a similar price, and you can get a jumbo-sized slab. Because of these features, you can use them for a large project to give a polished and smooth finish.


This publicly traded company was formed 1987, and it is said to be the original quartz surface manufacturer. Its capital is in Israel and it was formed to replace the failed Terrazo tile industry.

Caesarstone is well known for the design envelope which includes the Concetto collection of Quartz surfaces which brings together semi-precious stones such as agate, tiger’s eye, dumortierite and many more.


Silestone is a company based in Almeria, Spain. It’s a flagship Brand for Cosentino Company in Italy. While Caesarstone is known for having a natural stone look, Silestone is known for its vibrancy in solid colors. It has series which offer bold and bright colors which you cannot found in other brands.

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