By Granite Gold

covered stains & damage

  • food or beverage stains
  • any cosmetic stains
  • bleach stain
  • ink stains
  • nail polish/nail polish remover stains or damage
  • liquid marks and rings
  • scuffs or dents
  • loose veneer
  • gouges or chips that penetrate the finish exposing the substrate
  • burns or heat marks that are not caused by a fire
  • chips, scrateches or breakage of glass or mirrors
  • broken drawer runner, slide or hinge if part is available

Remember to

  • read your plan carefully to understand what's covered (and not coverd) and
    how to get help when you need it. Question? call for answer now.
  • Blot stains with a clean, dry cloth before calling us, but don't attemt to clean the stain further until we give you specific instructions.
  • act fast because many stains and damage issues are isyour plan.
    You must call within 30 days of when the stain or damage occured.
  • call us at 888.574.8358 to request service. have your receipt and plan number handy.
    the material would look with your project. this option may come with an extra cost, consult our specialist.
  • all estimates, layouts and material waivers must be signed and retured prior to cutting process. once signed installation date is establish.