& installation

Once payment is made, contract is signed, and final layout is approved, we start the fabrication process and installation is scheduled within 3-5 business days. In some cases we can have it done sooner and will let client know in order to schedule the installation sooner than anticipated.


The fabrication process takes place in our facility where from the templating/layout process the information is sent to our Bridge-saw for the cutting process, then it is transfer to our fabrication center for production.


  • Quick Countertop & Cabinets reminds you; natural and engineered stone is very heavy! Please have clear pathway to the installation area.
  • Quick Countertop & Cabinets is not responsible for plumbing (if not requested), gas and electrical.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction, we ask that any installation work be inspected for quality at time of install.  This will ensure your happiness with our work and your final product.